Robert Zuniga

An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Davidson, north carolina
16520 Landen Forest Ln
Davidson, north carolina 28036
Phone: (919) 234-7599
Web Site: Click Here

Robert’s passion is to provide clarity to regular people on their path to financial freedom.
Robert assists people with establishing privatized banking systems.
The strategies used are inspired by The Infinite Banking Concept® privatized financial system also described as the Becoming Your Own Banker® privatized financial program.
He owns and uses what he suggest other individuals, families and entrepreneurs should also: dividend-paying whole life insurance….
Robert Zuniga is an “Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner” and
a Life Insurance Producer (#16724548) in NC, MN, MO and TX.
Born in Kansas, raised and educated in Missouri (go MIZZOU!), married to Maya (17 years now) and has spent many beautiful summers and snowy winters raising their boys in St. Paul,MN. Robert, his wife Maya and his teenage boys are currently living just north of Charlotte, NC.
His awareness and insights are based on 10+ years as an Entrepreneur and 20+ years of University training in Political Economy, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering as well as numerous Entrepreneur training events including CEO Space and the Nelson Nash Institute Think Tank.
The best time to start your privatized system is today…. call 919-234-7599 now to get started!

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